Wednesday, September 10, 2008


And it's all due to the LHC, no that isn't a Large Hairy Crack (EARTHQUAKE!!) God yer minds!!! is infact the LARGE HADRON COLLIDER which unless you've been hiding out in a cave with Osama Bin McLaden in the hills of Kerry, you will know from all the rampant press coverage that this is a form of Scientific experimentation to recreate the start of the Universe. The Big Bang experiment will see some lads with messy grey hair and white coats with pens in the pockets sending atoms smashing into each other to create some black holes...It cost €5 Billion to build the tunnel for these Science boffs to play God in...why didn't they just enter Robot Wars and keep the change...I'm about as scientific as a newt so i will leave it to these geeks to explain exactly what is taking place through the medium of rap...Check out my molecules..i gots the atoms all up in this sheeeet...Recognize

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