Friday, September 26, 2008

Ever taken a "sickie" and posted pics of yourself downing a yard of ale, wearing a pair of arseless denim dungarees and dancing on a table to AC/DC Thunderstruck, doing your best Angus impression...well beware because Bosses are checking your social networking sites for what their employees are getting up to...My advice: Just don't accept as "friends" unless of course they disguise themselves with a username like "Hornmasterfucknutbigboobseasylay75" and that attracts you to their page...otherwise BE WIDE MY FRIENDS!!!

And here's an example of someone not paying atention. It's John McCain, a very scary prospect for the next President of the US and feasibly the person to Nuke us all into f*ckin oblivion...well it turns out that he is also a really shite liar...He was supposed to go on The Dave Letterman Show the other night and called at the last minute to cancel ...saying "Dave i'm so sorry can't go on tonight but i'm actually on route to Washington to save this country from collapse" Okay a pretty good excuse, not as valid as, "i may have to get my arse surgically removed from the bowl after a night of powerhosing," but good enough.

What follows is absolute GENIUS. Letterman was furious and spent the night discussing McCain's untimely cancellation. He then proceeded to show McCain appearing LIVE at the SAME TIME on a rival channel.

Take a few minutes and check this out. Lesson to learn from this...If you're gonna lie McCain, make it a good one. Muppet.

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mickleedsfan said...

Lad's,Just saw Johnny Rotten on your blog,sad.I like punk and to see someone once associated with Chaos/Anarchy doing this advert is lik eselling out.He is in his 50,s now and maybe he needs the bobs even though Glen Matlock wrote "God save the Queen".(Info:His mother was born in Carrigrohane area,he suffers from epilepsey, can't look at bright light's.)Mick LEEDS FAN always,great show lads.