Monday, September 29, 2008


The Script...Decent Band?? Definitely handy but did you know they used to be called MYTOWN. Formed back in 1996, they were a boyband in the same vein as 911 or The Fudgepipe Five. However great worldwide success was to evade them and they disappeared into the showbiz smoke like so many other acts...Remember Upside Down ...Jesus i remember even seeing a documentary on those sure they're still gigging in some takeaway in Northern England somewhere...Lead singer Danny and guitarist Marc appear in the video below for their biggest hit "Party All Night" which they clearly did. As you can see Marc is now as bald as a baby's arse but once had a shock of blond hair:

Marc on the far left (with hair) and Danny second from right

Not ones to shy from the tough line of questioning usually associated with know; Who's the gay one? Which one of ye can't read? These lads remained true to their mantra, "We're a fun band but at the same time we have a lot of depth," Just check out the video for Party All Night. Deep.

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