Tuesday, January 05, 2010



Back from the Christmas break and the Brass monkey is taking a baiting. I hope you all had a brilliant and fattening Chrimbo, (that extra fat will come in essential in the Arctic conditions) loaded up on turkey, spiced beef, pudding and Roses...and maybe even some of those Danish Cookie biscuits given to you by a great Auntie, that were leftover from Xmas day! You know the ones...round tin..picture of a bridge on the front...normally found a year later hidden behind some VHS videos in the living room cupboard :-S

Anywho, i hope you had a good one and your wrapping up like an Eskimo. Cork has been like an ice rink lately. Texts have been going mental about the amount of cars skating on ice. Just check out this pic, Mike from Farranree sent in:

"Lads, just in the delivery van on MacCurtain St. and this fella slides past me down Patrick's Hill"

Not as bad as Paula, from Grange who witnessed this on the way to work:

"Outta de way LANGERRRRRSSSS!!!!!!!!!"

I told you this morning how a DJ in the UK was fired for cutting off the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day by saying, "Two words everyone ...BOR-ING." I think it's hilarious, but obviously his employers didn't get the joke. Read about it HERE
The same guy has an alter-ego called Ivan Brackenbury, a Hospital D.J. with the people skills of Stalin and the attitude of Alan Partridge. Here's a clip from his live show....SUPERB:

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