Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here's what happened:

The presenter, host of a popular show called Le Iene (The Hyenas), pounced outside a posh Milan restaurant where Becks, 35, was being interviewed by a US television crew.

Moments before, she told viewers she was determined to find out if the impressive bulge in Beckham's ads for Emporio Armani underwear was the real deal.

She added: "His wife says that he is well equipped and calls him Goldenballs."

Then, beaming at the camera and flashing her gloves, Di Cioccio moved in to cup Becks's package.

The footballer, who is on loan at AC Milan, gave her a filthy look as he stumbled back in shock and was led away.

But she shouted at him: "I touched it but it's small. David, you have conned us all. What did you use, cotton wool? It's all a trick."

An insider said: "David was not at all pleased with this stunt. Luckily, security stepped in and stopped her having another go."

Reminds me of a story about two lod ladies who were flashed in the Super Valu near me. Unfortunately, one of them had a stroke...the other one couldn't get near it.

One would assume he would have better security around his trophy cabinet.

Sticking with the Soccer and nuts theme. Here is a picture of Ronaldo who MADE a BALLS of his Ferrari :-S

He was more than likely looking in the mirror at time of crash.


Check out Allesandro Del Piero's's about 2m 30secs in...He truly is "Del Boy" ;-)

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