Tuesday, January 19, 2010


After receiving the highest percentage of any contestant/victim/failed z lister that has ever appeared on Celeb Big Brother, Lady Sovereign will return to "society" as the hugely popular and dominant force she has become in grime rap. As you can see from these clips she has already really endeared herself to a U.S. audience...You go Sov!!

Here's a wee clip of here as she opened for Gwen Stefani a concert to promote her in the States. Probably not a good time then to reveal that you are nearly "homeless", "America f*cks you up," and finally in a masterstroke of Public Relations, she did all this after keeping the crowd waiting for 90 minutes!

Warning contains naughty words..Oooh:

And after the success of her stint in the States she decides to take her skills Down Under, showing them the kind of spitting technique usually displayed in the wild by a nasty cobra with a bad hangover:

And finally, the extent of my coverage of the "Golden Globes":

Christina Hendricks, star of Mad Men shows off her double award.

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