Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow, Ice, Floods, Drought, Blackouts...i'm just waiting patiently for the plague of locusts... :-S

It's been a while since i did a Pic of the Week bit on this Blog. So, to celebrate Life and the fact that we are now over 200,000 on Blog hits...Thanks to you beautiful feckers!!

Here's a few photos I took yesterday when i couldn't even get out of my estate by car. I had to throw on my aftro-turf football boots..and i swear they did the job...great grip...but no regulation orange football in sight.

Blarney G.A.A. pitch with an eerie mist

My road to work. New competition..."Where's Roady?"

Iced tea anyone?

Entrance to Blarney Castle looking like a scene from a Horror movie...The Blarney Stone: One Kiss and you're Killed Or something like that. Terms & Conditions apply. You will not die if you kiss the stone...although you might get a little cold sore.

PLUS - The Latest Instalment of Aranman is out. This week features Joe Dolan, Cream cake grenade launchers, and the Irish Country Women's Association.


And, hic, erm...hic, er...check....hic. Arrggghhhhhhh...Now, that's better. Check this out on BBC tonight - 'The Man Who Couldn't Stop Hiccupping'

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