Friday, November 20, 2009


Here is a photo i took before 6am as i drove around Cork trying to get from Blarney to Bishopstown for the show. Sunday's Well was closed off and that is my usual journey. Then headed in towards the North Quay which was blocked off, so i drove around for a peek and saw these kegs floating around outside The Raven pub on South Main Street. Last time i checked there was a load of students with rolled up jeans trying to paddle after the beer!

North Quay water...I thought Bruce Lee was fast but nothing compared to his river!

A not so Grand Parade :-S

Well, the ducks had plenty of places to shop and land.

Near the Mercy Hospital, look closely and you will see Breffny from The Apprentice getting in some rowing practice. "Jesus, in my brain this is amazing like, i can go anywhere i like, like."

Did anyone spot this fella on Pana?

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