Sunday, November 29, 2009


Tiger Woods drove into a tree (irony?) after an alleged argument with his wife over another lady. Here is his statement. The Sun are saying that his wife "
Elin was said to have flown into a blind rage following a row over claims in a magazine that Tiger had an affair with a stunning New York party girl
." Speculation is mounting that he had infact already met this mistress many years ago, and i have the proof:

Nice pants... :-S

He has been pretty OPEN with his other lovers in the past.

"Ooh, easy tiger" "Shut up...RAARRRRRRRR"

Speculation is rife that after she imposed a sex ban on him he just flew into the arms of a pretty nightclub hostess due to frustration. Just check out his right arm mid ban...FREAKY:

Tiger Woods now sponsored by spinach.

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