Tuesday, November 17, 2009


'James May's Toy Stories' is back on BBC2 tonight. If you were ever a fan on little sports cars with needles attached to a track that would usually be in your bedroom, but sometimes ventured into your living room, and caused your Mammy to scream, "Will you ever put that
bloody thing away!" then tonight is a MUST SEE. He is attempting to build the world's longest Scalextric track. It will be alsmost 3 miles long, comprise of no less than 20,000 different sections, will have to go through people's gardens, over ponds and rivers and even negotiate a business park. Brilliant.

Here's a very exciting advert to get you in the mood. I wonder if this guy is still singing in a rock band or if this was his only chance to RAWK!! Imagine the conversation, "Oh yeah, i was a rocker once, amazing man...i'm telling ye karazy sheeeeet"

And in keeping with the theme, here's a brilliant advert featuring a tiny Lewis Hamilton:

And when you get a chance PLEASE check out this brand new cook book by Whitechurch native Aedin Johnston. She has put together a book jampacked with the favourite recipes of Irish celebrities, like Sean Og, Brian Corcoran, Pat Falvey, Joe Duffy, and of course myself and the Tall Guy. Okay, i said celebrities...tough crowd...phew. Well, don't let that put you off!


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