Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know, it's crazy but punters in Oz are dismayed and angry that she mimed at a recent gig. READ ABOUT IT HERE
Now, a government official wants a warning on all tickets to say if an act is going to mime, she didn't mention whether it required the notice to contain advice like "The act you are about to see is shit." But, hey look on the brightside Australia, look what you saved yourselves from:

And, if you listen closely here, you'll see how she still has time to worry about her pet cat being left out....oooh it's chilly outside:


Pat's "pontificating" varnish is scorched by a member of the audience in his show
, 'Frontline' last night. A dude looking a little like a rough Daniel O Donnell impersonator let rip at the Plank. As Bob Marley would say, "GET UP, STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS," Fair play to that guy. Legend.

And, don't miss this. It's on the BBC tonight.

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