Monday, November 16, 2009


It was once the chant for Nottingham Forest Striker Jason Lee. Started by Baddiel & Skinner apparently it nearly ruined his career because he couldn't see the funny side. Tool. Anywho, it's been stolen by a certain Scottish dance music maestro by the name of Calvin Harris. Apparently he had been planning it on his twitter. Channeling that stage jumper extraordinaire, Kanye West, he jumped up in the middle of Jedward's performance on X-Factor, complete with the spikey fruit balanced on his head.

Even more hilarious than the pineapple moment is Edward's stumble at the start. Had to rewind about ten times....awww tears. Plus, the fact the he gets a huge piece of the paper stuck to his foot and it stays for the entire performance:

Love Golf? Have boobs? This could be the greatest invention ever. You'll find it hard to PUTT this away...*coughs* sorry :-S

DON'T FORGET...we have the latest evictee from The Apprentice on tomorrow morning. The rumours floating around at the moment say that it could be THE BREFFMEISTER!! ...Don't miss tomorrow after 9am, and if it is the Breffer then he will surelay have a career as Rebel Superhero ahead of him...his marketing is obviously preceeding him. I was up in Dublin over the weekend and he's ALREADY had a street named after him:

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