Thursday, November 05, 2009


This weekend, in a real life remake of Rocky IV, when the Rockster had to fight the Russian beast Ivan Drago. On Saturday, Rusian Nikolia Valuev will fight Londoner David Haye. Haye reckons he will be the first fighter ever to knock out the human tree trunk...i hope he brought his chainsaw. Valuev has won 50 of his 52 fights. Weighs 145 Kg (22 stones). Wears 18 and half shoe. And shaves with an AXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't look too huge till you realise Haye is 6ft 2" tall!

Obviously a Cork feen on photography duties!

Ladiers love a massive personality. I think i can guess who wins the remore control wars in that house :-S

Hey, Wilkinson Sword Never mind Henry, Federer and should axe that lot they're pussies compared to this dude!! :-S

PLUS: Rihanna speaks out about Chris Brown for first time since that infamous incident. I hope no-one buys a single copy of his new album. That man burned his bridges when his first comments were released and he did it via webcam plugging his new release. Scumbag.

Check out his first comments when he released this:

"Yeah got my new album coming out" Langer.

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