Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here is a little selection of the best of Mr. West's highly publicised meltdowns. He admits that he is fond of the "sippy, sippy," (now i don't think he means a popular Australian mammal with oversize feet) although judging from these clips it looks like he Kanye handle his booze...all he wants is a cuddle from a Koala...aaahhhhhhhhh:

It wasn't long before Mary realised that was NOT a backrest pressing into her back :-(

Here he is at the MTV Awards back in 2007 jumping on stage probably because of the gat.

And finally a clip of him losing it for the RIGHT reasons. I had pure respect for him after he erupted live on TV after Katrina, it's a pity his other tantrums have made him into a dick:

Mike Myers' expression is priceless:

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