Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Never mind Tubtwiggy and the Late Late, myself and Dave Mac made an appearance on MNS on RTE last night. Our penalty shoot out as Billy Connolly and Dave Barry has obviously made national headlines!


And then choose the show from MNS 14 SEPTEMBER and scroll down the choices on the right:

And click on:
"Fanscope: Your comments and Questions"

And if you're wondering what Mick Wallace looks like:

I see what they mean:

And now after making a complete tool of himself at the VMA's, Kanye 'look at me, look at me, everybody F*CKIN LOOK AT ME NOW' West has appeared on Jay Leno to apologise for his nobbery:

Unfortunately, today is a very sad day for the Sport and Movie world. Patrick Swayze passes away after his tireless battle with cancer - CLICK HERE FOR TRIBUTE ON BBC SITE

The death of Darren Sutherland has shocked the Sports world. He seemed to be doing so well since his Olympic glory and destined to be a champion, but sometimes we have no idea what is going on inside someone's head. Here is a fantastic clip which is taken from a Documentary about him televised when he was only 16 and where he speaks of his ambitions:

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