Monday, September 07, 2009


We played this for you on the show this morning. It's the reason why Eilish was a little hoarse (no, not a pony - her voice was missing) and with a little help from a secret camera we reveal why!

Here is RedFM News & Sport's rendition of Gina G's 'Ooh Ah Just a Little Bit', you know the the song by the Aussie bird who was in the Eurovision years ago and now shares a wheelie bin with Oscar the Grouch:

(Disclaimer: If you have any small animals or children in the vicinity the management refuses to be liable for any future mental episodes as a direct result of viewing this clip) sources tell me there is a clip doing the rounds of a certain Ruari O Hagan and Colm O Sullivan from RedFM Sport performing a duet of Take That's 'Back For Good'. To quote a famous Daniel Day Lewis line from The Last of The Mohicans..."I will find you (video clip), I will find you"

While i hunt down that clip, here's what i imagine it will be like:

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