Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday's win could be the start of a historic Rebel Treble if the lads and ladies can emerge victorious in the football in the coming weeks. The weather has been fantastic and finally we are getting something that resembles a summer and can leave the kayaks at home for a couple of days. Took a trip to Garretstown and it was rammed, i thought that maybe Susan Boyle had been spotted kite surfing in the nip, but no, it was the sunshine...give us a taste and we go MENTAL! It wasn't just us who were going bananas this weekend though, there seemed to be a full moon casting a dark shadow over some Movie, Sports, and Music personalities and the Werewolf was out in full furry splendour.

First up, Kanye West makes a cock out of himself but jumping up on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for 'Best Female Video' at the MTV Awards. Beyonce looks mortified and certainly doesn't need that bell-end to stand up for her:

Next up is Emmanuel Adebayor offering some free face lift surgery to Robin Van Persie in the battle between Manchester City and Arsenal:

He also spotted his Mum in the crowd and decided to run the full length of the pitch to say hell after scoring a goal...only thing was she decided on sitting with the Arsenal fans...whoops:

Next up is Serena 'don't fuck with me' Williams. She lost it after getting a foot fault called in her semi-final at the US Open. Infact, i believe her exact words to the line judge were, "I'm gonna get this f*cking ball and shove it down your f*cking throat" I take it Serena has been attending the Roy Keane Etiquette Evening Class.

And finally, Colin 'Howya' Farrell went lost it with Paps at the preiere of his new movie. He screamed at a Photographer who told Col's lil sis to get out of his way. Fair play to Farrell though who erupted by grabbing yer man by the neck and, warning him, as his eyebrows went Bertie: "That's my sister you're yelling at. Don't ever speak to a woman like that"

NB. I was able to find the video. So here's a clip of col bolloxed alongside Keith Barry. Enjoy.

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