Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well you either LOVE it or HATE whatever you think it's hard to get away from it...yes i'm talking about chlamydia...oh hold on no i'm not, i'm talking about BIG BROTHER which is equally unwelcoming. This time the desperate Channel 4 has decided to throw in 16 housemates (also known as fame hungry talentless shitbags), a jail, a huge ashtray for smokers to sit in, huge bedrooms, a swimming pool, a torture rack and electric chair....(ok so i made up the last two but come on imagine if we could text in for their lives...*adopts Geordie accent* "Hellloooooowww an' wel'ome ta da Biag Bruda hoooooossseeeeeeeee text 6 and Pat if ye wanna see 'im saved from da fryer" Well it's an idea. Anywho here's some bits from last year and my favourite part of that shambles...the first moments of Charley Uchea. This inspiring and shy individual really endeared herself to the audience with a self-effacing profile of herself that resulted in one of the finest pieces of public humiliation i have ever had the pleasure of witnessing on TV. Enjoy.

And here she is again, turning up at the BB9 auditions and getting roasted by a member of the public for NOT adding her on MYSPACE..."I'm more famous than Channelle innit, i'm like in da papers every like week...innit" Cathering Tate eat your heart out. This is gold.

some more idiots to make us laugh...*looks skyward* "Thank you Lord for fucknuts"

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