Monday, June 30, 2008

So all the talk was proven to be hyped up horsehit as Jay Zed took his controversial steps up on to the Glastonbury centre stage...Noel Gallagher pointed out that "I don't want hip-hop at Glastonbury. Jay-Z has got no f***ing chance."...Mr Z didn't take to kindly to those comments so decided to open his set with what can only be described as a harrowing version of Oasis' huge anthem Wonderwall...all i can say is Jay stick to the rapping dude...although i like his style fuck it his tongue is firmly in his cheek for this one

And in other news Amy Whinehouse was getting herself in trouble again...Fresh from stealing the limelight from Nelson Mandela at HIS concert..swapping the words from Jerry Dammers protest song from "Free Nelson Mandela" to "Free Blakey my Fella" Of course it is understandable that she places scumbag Blakey Civil-Servant on a pedestal with an iconic and inspirational leader of civil rights...woman get your shit together

You gotta watch to the very end...listen closely...MUPPET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here she is swinging for a fan at Glasto...I'd love to know the words exchanged.."Amy you having the crack"...

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