Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shawn Corey Carter better known as Jay-Z or as my Mum calls him 'Jay-Zed' is winging his hip-hop head down to the marquee tonight. Ive heard his backing group is unreal...superb session players so hopefully he won't just have a beatbox 3 in 1 stereo in the background like Dustin at the Eurovision or 50 Cent last year. If you're a fan and you are heading along...should be good so enjoy and take a listen to this:

This is a remix of Jay-Z's Black Album with The Beatles White Album to create the GREY ALBUM!!! Masterminded by Dangermouse from Gnarls Barkley:

Here's the mouse man sampling 99 Problems with the Beatles Helter Skelter:

Here he is using Encore from J and using the "OH Yeah" hook from Glass Onion:

And some comic relief for today, "Dya have a licence for dat vayhickle???"

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