Friday, June 06, 2008

"Hi hot stuff wot ye wearing??? LOL hope it's dose sexy rubber wellies" Ever sent a sexy message??? Ever wondered how embarrassing it would be if one of your friends found them and read them aloud in front of all the heads down the boozer?? Now imagine that and increase the painful cringe factor to OVERLOAD!! Here is a News Anchor off the FOX Network reading out the saucy texts sent by the Mayor of Detroit who was feeding the one eyed beast to his Chief of Staff!! Somehow the texts got leaked and this guy re-enacts them on the News...Check out how much he gets into it...I imagine he took them home after for his own amusement... Just imagine Dobbo doing this on Six One...maybe in a role play with Sharon *shudders* :-(

I know it's a pile of smelly turd but i always have a a peak through the fence at a Naturist camp during volleyball practice...These are my lowlight and highlight of last night's BB9:

The new Charley...Septic Stephanie...a horrible aul prick if i ever saw the crowd reaction:

And hopefully some saving grace...this guy is great... Michael looks a bit like Hector...brilliant attitude and looks like an early fave...The reaction of the other housemates sums up their immaturity and vapid heads "aaaaaahhhhhhhh" like he's a fuckin toddler that just fell over...he looks like he could shake things up a bit...

And don't miss this bit on the Best of the Red Rooster tomorrow morning 10am - 12pm:

Is this what Americans watch to get the REAL story on Northern Ireland...

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