Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Remember those shoes on Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2... Class yokes and no need for laces...tripping over yourself and bopping the wall and ending up with your head in the cavity. There have been similar attempts previously with the Reebok Pump and Puma Disc... both were fairly shite to be honest and if you didn't have tree trunk legs the PUMPS made you look like a golf club... BUT NOW the campaign to get the MARTY MCFLY Nikes on the shelves has begun. Check out - and sign the petition. NO MORE LACES !!!

(yes i know you can get slip ons but jesus wouldn't the Mcfly Nikes be so much more fun!)

Good Luck to the POOL tonight even though i am a United fan i have to admire the fact that the Scousers always seem to give a good game in Europe and goals are guaranteed either scored by them or conceded... They are heading for an unprecedented Sixth European Cup but will do well to keep Kaka and Seedorf quiet...

2 - 1 to Milan. Sorry Pool fans. CALM DOWN !! CALM DOWN!!

Here's some classic Scouser action from Harry Enfield for ye la...

Go Well

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