Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here's a pic of me turning up for work this morning...

Yes its S.T.S. Squeezed Teabag Syndrome all over the city today as we come to terms with the first day back after the bank Holiday Weekend... will we ever learn? No. And f*ck it anyway sur we do enough work and hope your WKD was class and full of cheers and laughter... and love aaaaahhhhh.

Well its a four day week so that is something to smile about... Keep listening all this week if you want to win a top of the range 3G bill phone and a year's free usage

We are lookming for all you Motormouths and Big Mouth Yappers to contact the show and tell us about your bills!!! The biggest and best stories will be put in the draw and we will give it away on Friday... That is of course unless KC nicks it... Those Mayo people still have a peasant mentality ye know but sur I will try to keep him in line.

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