Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Evening, Afternoon, midnight greetings to you whatever time it is currently in your own timezone... I'm not a big fan of clocks even though we are all tied to them like Hamsters on a wheel... Here is where i propose the invention of "Cork Mean Time" its a little like Greenwich Mean Time but because that is an English invention it has to be precise and make some kind of sense and must be followed to the letter.. NO!!! I pronounce "Cork Meantime", forget the pain of being slavishly hypnotised by hands or digits, minutes or hours... The day should be broken up into units, like SLEEP, EAT, DRINK, PLAY units... What happens is you save up your units over a period of time and they can be cashed in whenever you feel like it.. You see the benefits straight away. We need no longer be held liable for any missed work, school etc... because we had saved up enough units to avoid them... Obviously i am still working on the finer details but you get the idea.. CORKTIME should be on its own... We dont have to follow the world on this one... and even though we'd probably end up like a bunch of wasted vagrants... dont tell me their not happy!!!

Anyway sorry about that ... In the words of the great Marty Party.... PEACE OUT

And Be Gorrah and Be Jaysus didn't i just find the most bizarre cartoon depicting us fighting Oirish ever... It's called "Captain Planet saves Belfast" and is such an incredibly realsitic interpretation of life in the Northern Ireland there'e even a feckin Camel in there somehere... or is thta Ian Paisley... Check it Out... MENTAL

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