Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Genuine Church sign found in Alabama, USA ... I told ye i was telling the truth but as usual the Son of God will end up getting cross... AAAARRRGGHHHH

This is a genuine episode of children's TV classic 'RAINBOW'... The story is that it was made as part of the Production Company's Christmas party but it was eventually leaked and has been broadcast ever since... Although watch any kid's TV shopw and you will see how innuendo laden they are... i think its just bored writers... and you cant blame them jesus there is only so much writing about f*ckin numbers, letters and spludgy, spludgy porridge or shite a human mind can take... Although the people that present them are even more disturbing.. i'm talking Hi-5 and The Wiggles... uuuuuggghhh The Wiggles... frightening grown men making millions and actually dressing like they should be queuing up to sign on some deviance register every week...aaaarrrggghhhh

Anyway tune in all week to win a luxury break in 'CASTLE LESLIE' in Co. Monaghan with Chivers Jam & Preserves... live like Posh & Becks for a wkd of absolute luxury.. All you have to do is tell us a sticky situation that you have been in but managed to wriggle out of ... or not BEST one wins the trip

Just Text in the morning to - 0868273336


Jah Bless Ma Brethren

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