Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This may be the image you get in your head if you were to think of Christian Surfers... some guy with a beard and sandals catching a tube and probably on a cross!! This morning we had a chap called Steve Boal, Head of Christian Surfers Ireland... Its one of the biggest growing sports in Ireland at the moment and especially in Cork where the waves in the West are talked about around the world... Tried it myself a few times when in OZ but Jesus... and i mean Jesus himself would have trouble keeping me balanced on the board... gotta get back into it... If you want some info on Christian Surfers and what they get up to check out -

Also had Traolach O'Murchu from wildfire films looking for people to star in a Documentary about 'Consuming Passions' for RTE. If you share a love for the open road, caravans, camper vans or you know someone who has a horn for their VW Combie then get in contact with him at - or give him a call at - 01 6351733.

Until tomorrow cheer yourself up with this classic scene from Comedy Classic 'KINGPIN' -

"Big Earn is finally above the law"

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