Friday, May 04, 2007

The Hoff in a more familiar pose riding a couple of Puppies

He's "HOFF HIS HEAD!" I hear you scream

This is the footage we thought we would never see... Its eighties icon and car conversationist, cheesemeister, sometime Lifeguard and stomach holder inner chest puffed out, mulleted superstar David Hasselhoff in an unfamilar scene of drunken stupidity munchin on a Burger from Lennox's and if you look closely he also has a potato pie hidden from his daughter... Well i will be perfectly honest with you and say i've seen people in much worse states that that after booze but he is an alcoholic and fair play to his daughter who warned him she would put the video on the net... It's another slip on the slide of the man who is hands down the most searched for subject on the net... when i say subject i dont include saucy stuff... which coincidentally leads me to one of the reasons why Hasselhoff's ex-wife is divorcing him... apparently he gave her crabs... not the seafood kind.

On that note have a TOP WEEKEND and enjoy the weather.


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