Thursday, April 09, 2009


Not a good night if you are a Liverpool fan. It was a case of YOU BLUETY for Chelsea fans...I think that the Pool might be getting some of the backdraft from United's wet patch and are feeling the strain themselves. 3 - 1 OUCH! Gotta say that scoreline wasn't the strangest thing to happen during last night's match. During half-time one of the weirdest adverts i have ever seen and let's face it there has been some seriously hallucigenic commercials out there (i'm pointing the finger in your general direction Cadbury's and your f*ckin' dancing eyebrows) I'm presuming the same people who worked on that are currently on board for a particular Microwave burger manufacturer and more than likely contain some ex-Vietnam vets who are tied to a chair in a windowless basement and encouraged to describe what they saw and have it made into an advert..."The horror, the horror....aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh"

Just check this out. I'm sorry but i couldn't get the idea of some fella in the factory losing his finger and it ending up between the buns... Gives a new meaning to 'finger food' *heaves* :-(

And on a lighter note here is a BRILLIANT blast from the past. Billo was on top form last night..."So lads, what is football, i mean really what is it?" Genius. Check out the hat.

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