Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hope ye had a class weekend :-) Myself and the missus spent Saturday traversing hillocks, avoiding pedestrians and hunting wild deer (well not technically hunting but watching them as we hid behind trees) in the Phoenix Park up in the Dublin. It's the biggest Park i've ever seen in my life and we only cycled about a quarter of it! So, the bad news is we are all back to work today :-( ...but the good news is it's a four day week *lifts pompoms* YAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! And with that in mind here's a few vids to get you on your way through the first working day after the weekend especially if you found yourself melting precious braincells and you feel about as concentrated as a swinging gate -

Look up pain in the video library of life and this will be there:

And i know it looked like a good idea at the time but some tatoos can come BACK to bite you:

Tattoo Remover - The funniest bloopers are right here

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