Monday, April 06, 2009


Maybe not. Getting out of bed today was like wrestling a small child from a computer console...with me being the small child and my bed being the console...WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! Armageddon awaited outside as i thought i might be needing the Kayak again but thankfully the inevitable flood receded when i attached some sanitary towels to the Micra bumper. So, on a day like today Comedy is the only prescription and here i have damning evidence that R. Kelly is infact as mad as a box of angry frogs with a cardboard allergy. Here is a song called Real Talk, a little ditty which has escaped from the bowels of his mad mind and filtered onto youtube...I think you'll agree it has the powerful narrative of Bob Dylan coupled with the sharp wordplay of Lennon and McCartney:

Beware it contains naughty words ye f*cker:

And how could i miss this?! I stumbled across this American TV show show from the late seventies. Never mind the Six Million Dollar Man, lock up the A-Team and put Knight Rider up on bricks. This is the only team that matters...IT'S BIGFOOT AND WILDBOY!

PS - I heard that the Production Values were so high that it had to be canned after the first season due to costs...sad really.

It was a crazy weekend at the Horsey Jumpy Scary Race better known as the Grand National. Unfortunately, i nearly died when My Will didnt win...(geddit!?) AH JAYSUS...forget it...anywho , apart from a 100/1 gluepot winning it was the post race interview with the Jockey that shocked me the most.. BBC host Clare Balding decided to humilitae the shy chap by bullying him into showing his gappy mouth and proceeded to tell him he now has enough money to get his manky gnashers sorted.

This is Clare Balding...

The words...people, glasshouses, throwing and stones come to mind

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