Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No, it's not a Mary Harney topless shot but a HUGE baby...

A baby has been born in Orange County, California, weighing 14 pounds and two ounces (6.410 kg), double the weight of the average newborn.

Doctors said Richard Walker Sault, born two days before Christmas, was one of the biggest babies they have ever seen.

Baby Sault was delivered by caesarean section and both mother and child are said to be in good health.

However, his parents have had to exchange all his clothes for bigger sizes. (The womb must have had it's own take away and probably resembled a three bedroom semi)

Here is a clip of the "Manbaby" and the lucky parents who reckon he could have walked out of the hospital himself:

And CONGRATULATIONS to a couple of loyal Rooster heads who sent this text yesterday:

"Please say hi to my beautiful gf niamh.we are on our way 2 cuh to give birth 2 our first child.steve"

Then we got this happy one today: "Hey Naoise was born at 6.13pm yesterday.she was 7lbs12 and is beautiful.steve and niamh"

Steve came on the show this morning and told us MOther and baby are doing really well, but he refused to send us the audio...ah well ;-) WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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