Monday, January 05, 2009

2009....Wow, well it's nearly ten past eight in the evening and what a year it's been ...

Eoghan Quigg proved you can sit sideways on a motorbike and attain a hairstyle like Jamie Oliver being pulled legs first from a heifer's arse. Young Quiggzer was on the show this morning but refused to talk about his love DIangle or Simon Cowell's high waistband. Britney Spears proved you can comeback from a comeback, mime and still get away with it. And, Johnathan Ross proved how important it is to encourage good family values when he blurted out on Russell Brand's Radio show that Russell had indeed "f*cked" the granddaughter of Andrew Sachs, little Manuel from Fawlty Towers, who turned out to be a dancer in a shite troupe called the Satanic Sluts...who then appeared on the Late Late Show and nearly gave poor Pat even more reason to call him wooden, off the back of their publicity...KARAZZY!!!

Well i hope this year is as mental and getting out of bed this morning was like having my fingers wrenched from the edge of a cliff and falling into a pit of boiling arses...Well, it wasn't quite so bad but close ;-)

So, here are some pics that rounded off the year of 2008 for us here at RedFM. They are from the mayhem they call the Christmas Party. This year the theme was Heroes & Villians and I must thank the legend Big T for my sword and ring!!!!

Frodo Spud McBaggins...the Irish Hobbit!!!

Phil and Chris discuss life

Ben from Sales as Duffman..."Duffman thrusts in the general direction of the free bar"

Caroline & Eimear VB. Unfortunately Caroline didn't take my advice and still had the glove on after returning from the ladies...she's been walking like John Wayne ever since....OUCH!

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring...bananaphone...hmmmmmm

Random morning after pic. "Okay, i can fix the pipes but it'll cost ye a bag of bonios"

No caption required.

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