Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This is the Sick Test...Laugh and you FAIL!!!!

Here is a clip from The Late Show with David Letterman...David recieived a letter (funnily enough) and in the letter a viewer described how he had been watching the show "upside down and hanging from the ceiling". So, in response to this Dave gives him a very special sign. Also it get us thinking how many people listen to the Rooster in really weird places. We had people in UAE listening in a Sheikh's Palace in Dubai!!! We had someone listening in a dark room in the U.S. but the winners by far were John and Caroline. John listens to the show 250 feet above Cork city!! No, he's not high as a kite but working as a Crane Operator...and Caroline get everyone wet when we called her because she was scrubbing up in the shower listening on her radio rubber duck...She did have an issue holding the phone so put the shower head between her legs...Thankfully, she juggled correctly or I thing the phone signal may have been lost...oh er missus!!

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