Monday, January 28, 2008

We had Dave Geraghty from Bell X1 on the show this morning. Dace has been nominated for two Meteor Awards for Best Male and Best Album and has also been short-listed for a Choice Music Award for his own solo project 'Kill Your Darlings'. He was a pleasure to interview and the two lads were as sound as a pound, Dave even doing a request for the opening bars of 'Duelling Banjos' from the movie Deliverance....diddle, in , din, din ,din ,din, din ,din, (you know the one!!!!!!!!)

If you wanna give Dave your vote for the Meteor please check out:

and he has the direct links to vote

Dave Geraghty (Bell X1) and Tadhg Cooke giving it socks!!!!

The lads finally meet their heroes!!

Dave was talking about appearing on Conan O Brien last week. Here they are:
P.S. He was saying how COB was enormous even managing to overshadow Paul Noonan!!

Don't miss tomorrow's show we have the man who is creating the FIRST EVER JEDI CHURCH - so if you're a Star Wars fan you have to tune in and if you're not tune in anyway cos he might be NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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