Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I think Daisy would make a fine replacement on The it looks like Dunphy's eyebrows are making a bid to host their own show.

We were chatting about this 'Party Boy' this morning:

An Australian teenager who held a wild house party which ended with police calling in air support was Wednesday arrested over the incident, which is beginning to turn him into global cult figure.
Sixteen-year-old Corey Delaney had refused to return to his parent's two-storey home in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren since the party he advertised on the Internet descended into mayhem on Saturday night.
Some 500 people turned up for the event and after neighbours called in the authorities, police cars and neighbours' property were damaged and 30 officers, a helicopter and the dog squad were needed to subdue the revellers.

Delaney had also refused to take phone calls from his parents, telling national television on Tuesday night: "I haven't really talked to them because every time they try to call, I don't answer."

On Tuesday, he was reportedly relaxing at a Melbourne beach with girls as his step-father described him as a "show pony" who needed to be punished, and appealed for him to come home.

The interview he conducted with an Australian current affairs show has been posted on the YouTube video website and has already attracted thousands of viewers, while his story has been broadcast around the world.

During the Australian interview Delaney explains that the party was originally intended as "just a get-together with a couple of mates" and makes a half-hearted apology to his parents' neighbours.

But he refuses to remove his glasses, irritating the presenter.

"Nah, nah, I'll leave these on, I like them," he says.

"I'll say sorry but I'm not taking off my glasses."

When the interviewer asks Delaney what advice he would give to other teenagers thinking about hosting a party while their parents are away, he suggests he runs it for them.

And when she advises him to "go away and take a long hard look" at himself, he replies: "I have. Everybody has. They love it."


P.S. - According to news reports Delaney has been offered a job as a party planner...he may have to use some of the cash to foot the $20,000 dollar police bill...Corey Delaney Party Liaison (although i cant see him being very good at communicating with clients, "Its one grunt for yes, and two grunts for No")

If you think that's weird check this out - CRUISE STANDS UP FOR HIS CAUSE

P.S. His reference to "KSW" is a buzz-phrase meaning "Keep Scientology Working" and not the "Korean Study Workshop"

which is just to help teachers towards a culture of peace...its an easy mistake to make

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