Thursday, January 24, 2008

"So I was just parking the car Doctor and there was a WWII soldier, a Celtic Warrior and a Roman Centurion heading into the RedFM offices" exclaimed Pat as he made an appointment with his therapist. Possibly one of the most random photos I will take in or outside RedFM studios!! Below are the three lads we had on this morning. From the left Martin, the Roman Centurion, Andrew, Medieval Celt and finally Colm reprazentin' the WWII crew with his Private Ryan kit. It's all to do with a full scale battle taking place on Saturday 26th January called "The Battle of the Flags". If you have an interest in history or fancy bringing the family for what will be a brilliant craic it's taking place on the lower UCC training field off the western Road.

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When would you ever get Private Ryan, Maximus and Fionn Mac Cumhaill in the same room!!??

I can see the Hollywood pitch now - "Ok Boss picture this - it's like Lord of The Rings/Gladiator/Saving Private Ryan in one movie...Lord of the Privates...I mean The Private Gladiator's Ring...erm...I'll get me coat" Seriously though we really need to get a Mel Gibson to do for Fionn MacCumhaill what he managed to achieve with William Wallace in Braveheart

A Roman "Swiss Army Knife" 2000 years before the Swiss...stick to cheese lads!!

Lenius Littilus Helmutius!!!!!!

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