Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sean Kingston was on the show today sounding like he had the phone strapped to his Jack Russell and every now and then you could hear him as the dog came nearer... Not a very chatty fatty to be honest and I wouldn't wanna get stuck down the boozer with him to be honest...although i wouldn't mind his cash...anyway he's playin Cork Opera House in Feb so if ye wanna see what his between songs banter is like check him out...

Tomorrow we are doing THE BEST MOVIE VILLAINS EVER!!! ...and what it takes to become one!!! Here's a clip of a movie soon to be released with a very famous cyborg villain - Terminator...This is the final instalment...JESUS V TERMINATOR out soon...

And staying on the JC theme here's a real bright idea for some religious themed souvenirs -

"Shine a light"...I don't think they realised what they were doing when they created this merchandise..."Jeffrey get in my office NOW!!!!!!!!!!"

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