Thursday, August 16, 2007

This was how the King's death was reported by The Sun back in 1977.
His influence on modern day music cannot be in the words of John Lennon: "Before Elvis, there was nothing"

Here's a clip we played on the show today where Elvis just cracks up on stage...he starts losing it as the backing singer warbles like a banshee!

Allo ye fecks...four days in and i am still having trouble with the early starts...jesus you'd think i'd be used to it by now!!!! Anyway at least there's no traffic but this weather is really getting on the proverbial tits and i am scalding myself for even bringing it up but sur its the main subject matter in this country...It would be nice to jump into your dream car and just head off for a we were asking you what you're DREAM car would be if you had enough cash... i've always had a horn for the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's Day Off....what a God here are a few of yer own suggestions...

1961 FERRARI 250 from Ferris Bueller


K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider - Pontiac Trans Am


And the John Deere 7930..SUGGESTED BY DANNY!!! (I bet he gets all the ladies!!!)

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