Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is the video causing all the controversy in the UK media at the moment:

A top Scottish public school has condemned a video which showed ex-pupils staging a mock 'chav hunt'.

Class Wars was posted on YouTube by former students at Glenalmond College, near Perth, reports the BBC.

The film, which showed teenagers wearing shell suits being chased by classmates dressed as aristocrats, was partly filmed on the school grounds.

Officials have described the spoof as "deeply offensive" and said it did not reflect the ethos at the school.

The warden of Glenalmond College, Gordon Woods, said the film had been made by former pupils of the £23,000-a-year school.

If that didn't whet your controversial tastebuds then check out this Asian advert for the Triple Burger from Burger King...You'll never eat your meat in the same way again!!!!

P.S.If you're looking for the Neil Hannon, Divine Comedy Eurovision song just checkout the videos from yesterdays's Blog entry below...

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