Monday, August 27, 2007

Hope you had a cracking wkd...maybe not as good as these two.... This pic was taken pre-Rehab/Prison and shows two of Hollywood's finest Human Rights campaigners displaying their ability to derive comedy from the most tragic of situations... Although Lohan does look like she drew the short straw when it came to choosing jocks...


Well it looks like its gonna be Cork v Kerry in the All Ireland football final... what annoyed me the most was the media (of course we're not biased) reporting on the "Unofficial final" One read "Sorry Cork but this is the REAL Final"...aaaarrrggghhhhh that really gets on my f*cking wick... Happy Place, happy place - floating clouds...aaaaahhhhhhh thats better...Now seen as we are to face the green and yellow of Kerry in the final i decided to search for a pic of The "Gooch" and this is what i found....As you can see they both have a fine pedigree ...but probably pick up woman on Facebook with the username Ramon "I am hot like hot thing love lady, yes...kiss,kiss" and a very different pic on their pages....


"Look into my eyes, not around the eyes"

Possibly one of the most angry individuals to grace the small screen since - Jack Nicholson had a turn in The Shining..."All work and no play make Simon Cowell a very rich man"

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