Monday, July 02, 2007

Feelin a little on the slow side today so please bear with me! Went to seen Duran Duran on Friday and was pleasantly surprised how many of the songs i actually knew. It was bizarre as i have been to so many functions where they are a staple diet on an eighties soundtrack! Le Bon still has an incredible voice but it felt like i was at someone's wedding and they had hired Duran Duran as the band... kinda surreal.

But nowhere near as bizarre as this video i found of a children's TV Show in Palestine on Political/Terrorist/ Militant organisation - 'Hamas TV'. A seriously troubled region politically and it will continue if this is what the kids are being subjected to. Its essentially Barney for Suicide Bombers...the end is probably the most disturbing video i've seen in a long-time...especially the production values...think RTE and The Morbegs...oooooohhhhhh i need a shower

Taken from Reuters News Agency -

A Spanish hotel chain is running a competition for stressed executives to let off steam in a fashion usually reserved for rock stars -- by smashing hotel rooms.
NH Hoteles will allow 30 people chosen by a team of psychologists to help demolish the interior of the 11-year old NH Alcala hotel in central Madrid as part of its refurbishment, it said.The chosen 30, armed with mallet and hard hat, can destroy any part of the 146-room building, NH said, from bringing down walls to smashing windows.The demolition will take place on July 3.

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