Monday, July 23, 2007

Well i'm back and feeling much better... I was pretty ill last week but not as ill as this picture of Mr.T as President...

"I ain't invading no Iraq for Oil FOOL"

The latest viral video sensation is shot in the prison yard of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre in the Philippines, showing several large-scale dance routines with impressive choreography. It's called "Dance Therapy" and helps to rehabilitate the prisoners through physical exercise and a mental focal point in learning the routine... Just imagine 'Portlaoise Prison does Grease' or 'Mountjoy Riverdance'...ya never know!!!

This video features around 1500 prisoners acting out the trademark zombie routine from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ music video clip. The clips have had over 600,000 hits so far.

The amazing thing is this was only a practice run. I'm presuming that BIG KEV drew the short straw and ended up playing the only chick in the routine...More Ladyboy than Lag...

Possibly the greatest clip I have seen in years... SCOTTISH SEAGULL IN SMASH AND GRAB This winged wonder decided to help himself to a pack of Cheesy Puffs then proceeds to leg it ... He doesn't even FLY out!!! Cocky as F*ck he heads outside and shares the loot with the rest of the lads in the gang.... CLASS ... All he's missing is a load of gold chains, baseball hat and dodgy shellsuit..."Yu callin me a Cheesy Puff, i'll bust ya heed ba"

And finally, as if i don't provide ye with enough golden entertainment check out this A Cappella version of Dexy's Midnight Runner's classic - 'Come On Eileen'... Sound could be much better but they're students so we'll leave them off!!

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