Friday, June 29, 2007

Well jaysus i knew i'd seen that come to bed dopey spanner look before...UMMMM

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski refuses to talk about Paris Hilton on the Morning Joe show on US TV'

Finally someone takes a stand. I cant really talk because we have mentioned Hilton many times on our own show, but i suppose an important element of the Rooster is Showbiz and she is indeed a big stinkin' mackerel in that goldfish bowl. Thankfully this Journalist felt she at least had some integrity left while the two arrogant, patronising f*ckin tossers alongside her do their best to derail it. CLASS. Makes you thankful to know that not all Yanks are gun-toting, tabacca chewing redneck f*ckwits...

In other news... Have you seen this clip yet? It has been posted on youtube and the tall Mayo fella and myself want to know where it was filmed... I'm guessing Limerick from some of the comments left by tubers but could it be Cork?? Dunno but if ye know anything about it give either of us a shout... It's a piss-take out of the Financial Regulator advert and its CLASS!! F*ckin hilarious! HAVE A TOP WEEKEND... GO WELL AND GOOD LUCK TO CORK IN THE HURLING AND FOOTBALL.

P.S. Well done to Joe who won the best Kerryman joke.

What do you call a Kerryman hanging from the ceiling?
Sean D'Olier. Class.

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