Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh through your eyes :-(

I remember years ago when i was a wee boy...You know when Wham bars were a metre long, you could buy fags as long as you were over three foot tall, Dallas was all the rage, a cat eating Alien with a Brooklyn accent called Alf infiltrated our screens, shoulder pads were used as standing platforms for midgets (that's where Oasis got the album name Standing on the Shoulders of Giants..ummm bet ye didn't know that eh?!). Well, one other thing that I remember from my days evolving in the 80s was a thing called a Yo-Yo. I have no Yo-Yo stories, although I did manage to give myself a black eye once and nearly lost the ability to have children (although I have yet to see if they are actually still in working order...does wanking count?) *coughs* erm... when I swung hard and foolishly damaging my pills for a week. So, I was thrilled to find this video of a guy who is known as the Yo-Yo Master...a Yo-Yo Yoda if you will and when he appearted recently on American TV I was I hope you will be:

Jaysus, if you thought that was cringe inducing...dive behind the sofa for this one. And, men I would advise you NOW to get ready to cross your legs. How hard can you kick a man in the nuts? Welcome to the greatest TV show ever made. Sports Science: World Record Kick to the Groin. Get Ready to go Soprano :-(

And, when you have wiped the tears away from your cheeks check out my bit on Robin Hood. It's got loads on the movie and some clips from my favourite Hoods in TV history.

Just click on the pic

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ekundayo said...

scarlet for yo yo dude.......