Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chris Morris has already unleashed his Four Lions. And, if you haven't seen that comedy of terrors yet, then go check it out now! Difficult subject matter to deal with, but he has never been one of those to shy away from controversy. Just think of it as Dad's Army in the Mujahadeen, or even if Osama Bin Laden got a band together and filmed their exploits on handicam a kind of This Is Spinal Terrorism and you have the idea. Anywho, he is one of my comedy heroes and here is why...

Here is a collection of clips from his earlier exploits in The Day Today and Brass Eye. Two shows that were co-written by Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews, the legends behind Father Ted. The day Today also launched the career of Steve Coogan, as the mental chat show host Alan Partridge:

If anyone is as old as me. Test: Do you think Wham and Lions bars were WAY bigger back then? Yes. Okay, we can continue. You will know what this sketch is all about, and if you didn't ride a Penny Farthing when you were a child i'll explain. Whenever the UK news had audio of Gerry Adams they weren't legally allowed to broadcast it, so they had an actor dub over his voice. I know, fucking ridiculous. Although, when they changed the law many a poor actor who did a mean Belfast accent went hungry:

WAR!!!! This sums it up really:

Seen as it's a World Cup year can someone PLEASE sign Alan Partridge up to do the commentary!

"Twaaaaaaaaat. That was liquid football!!!!"

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