Friday, May 21, 2010

As those Goth rockers that look like they've been pulled through a hedge backwards The Cure might say...FRIDAY...I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's Friday and the sun is out wahey! Can't wait to get some vitamin D into me bones this weekend. If you're heading anywhere have a top one.

However, before I go any further I must apologise for my lack of bloggage this week. In order to make up for this disgraceful upset on my part I have chosen three of the best little mental freaky funny cat slap arse banjo shit streaking great viewing reading ting bits you could feasibly experience on this rolling ball of greena and blue we call planet earth.

So, today I bring forth to the altar of weirdness, Twin Freaks, Dinosaur Sex (they reckon a T-Rex had a nob the size of a tall tree. Methinks when the little creatures thought it was snowing, infact the T-Rexs were just getting it on :-S), and finally the Lord himself has returned with a brand new Xtreme sport called Liquid Mountaineering. They run across water like JC himself. There's no mention of loaves and fishes, but I can see some fellas trying this down the Lough over the weekend!

These mental looking Plastic freaks are called The Bogdanov Brothers. Celebrities in France, they were pictured recently at the Cannes Film Festival. They are friends of Tom Cruise, have created a new version of the Big Bang and have the worst plastic surgery I have seen in my life. I did a bit about them in Bigscreen in my Cannes Blog. It's got cows, twin freaks, Liam Gallagher pitching a movie about The Beatles without The Beatles...

Just click on the pic:

Thar he blows!!! If that Dino looks happy grab your umbrella. Also, interestingly Crocodiles have small winkles. Remember that the next time you battle one of those mean bastards. "You might be biting me in half, but you still have a small cock ya scaly bollocks!"

And finally, Liquid Mountaineering. Why Mountaineering I have no idea when clearly they're running, but hey wha' can ye do huh?!

Real or no Real? I'll leave it up to you:

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