Monday, July 20, 2009

Was in in Dublin for the weekend and decided to watch Downfall on my laptop on the train journey back to the rebel County. I have been meaning to check it out for ages but never bothered, but i'm so glad in did now. The movie surrounds the last days of a certain Adolf Hitler (you know the guy: greasy comb-over, dodgy moustache, small man syndrome, walked like he left his clothes hanger up his arse) and the rest of his Nazi cohorts in his bunker in Berlin at the end of the Second World War. The movie is seriously intense and sweeps you up for over two hours and when i picked up the car at the train station, and drove home i was still thinking about it. So, you can imagine my surprise when i pulled into the petrol station in Blarney and saw this!


...for a split second i thought the Nazi's had decided to regroup in Cork via Meath...I was going to wave at the fellah driving the pick-up truck but he might have taken my one armed salute the wrong way :-S

If Beckham or Ronaldo did this the papers would be getting a horn. Check out this bicycle kick...Lance Armstrong would be proud!

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