Tuesday, July 07, 2009


RYANAIR has approached plane maker Boeing about the possibility of providing standing room or stools in place of traditional seats on board its aircraft.

The airline, which is hoping to squeeze more passengers on board, said those standing or using the stools could fly for free.

It said if Boeing comes back and says it is possible to replace four rows of seats with stools or standing space it will prepare a proposal for the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) seeking approval.

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Still trying to upload my Marquee bit on youtube. Issues with converting and all that shite. If i don't get it up by Friday it'll be ancient news...ahh the wonderful world of the web. In the meantime laugh and be merry with this brilliant parody of 'Yellow' by top U2 tribute act Coldplay. It's from a guy called Jon Lajoie and it's hilarious and a little naughty *giggles*. A subject that is close to all our hands:

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