Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This movie kind of annoyed me recently. Like Roddy Doyle once said that Ullysses could have done with a good Editor, i think the same can be said of this Michael Mann masturbation fest. I am a massive fan of Johnny Depp and eagerly await his role in the upcoming adaptation of HST's Rum Diary but this is just annoying. Mann's deplorable use of Hi-Def in the action sequences lends more to the quality of film seen from the handicam of a drunk Uncle on a Christmas weekend (at one stage i expected to see shaky pictures of Johnny and Christian opening pressies at the foot of a tree with Michael Mann fucking cooeing in the background). Some of the special effects employed lent less to Mann's "realism" and more io the type of low grade documentary re-enactment seen on the Discovery Channel. Mann is a Director of the highest calibre but this was overly long laboured and did not engage.

With a cast as good as this it should have been electric. I must say though the high point for me was Stephen Graham (Snatch, Lock, Stock) playing the Babyface character with the most ridiculous high pitched yonkers accent making him sound like he was auditioning for the new Three Stooges movie. Everytime he was on screen i just awaited a fella with a bowl cut and another with curly hair jumping on his back..."Awwwww whyyyyyy iiiii ooouuuuggghtttaaaa nyuk, nyuk, nyuk."

I would have preferred to have given my money to whoever put this together:

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