Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here's the science bit:

80,000: The number of people in Croke Park on Monday night.
500,000: number of pixels on the expanding video screen
31: stops on the current tour
3: number of steel structures (AKA The Claw) built and used on a rotating basis on tour.
1,344: structural pins used on the screen
164: approximate length, in feet, of the pylon/spire
8: number of hours to set up video screen
6: number of hours to tear it down
60: approximate weight, in tons, of the video screen
360: estimated number of crew members, factoring in drivers and vendors in addition to ground crew.
70 MILLION: Cost to put on the U2 360 Tour

and finally

10: The number of times i had to stop screaming out: "Go on the f*ckin Hedge."

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